Cayman Islands Government launches new single sign-on solution.

Introducing a more secure way to access all CIG online services.

The Cayman Islands eGovernment Unit and Computer Services Department announced today that its new online user authentication platform went live with its first Government eService. The solution is a key foundational component in the eGovernment strategy of enhancing the Cayman Islands’ digital infrastructure in order to securely access Government services.

The initial phase of the new centralised eServices login platform went live today for the General Registry’s Company Search online service, to be followed by the Customs Online system in the coming weeks of Summer 2021.

By facilitating the establishment of a digital eServices online account/profile that would be accepted for all Government online services, the new secure platform provides several enhancements to the authentication, ease-of-use, and log-in procedures currently used on the websites and web applications of various Government entities. It also supports using your mobile device to authenticate and sign-in via the use of mobile authenticator applications such as Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator.

Director of eGovernment, Ian Tibbetts, said that the new centralised eServices login platform will make the interactive portions of Government online services easier to use and more secure through the introduction of a multifactor authentication process that will require email verification and a one-time passcode. The platform will also give users the ability to self-serve for functions like resetting their password, recovering their username, adding or removing their mobile device for authentication, or even disabling their eServices account.

“By using a single sign-on approach for Government online services, we will give the user a streamlined browsing experience across eServices, and provide them with the ability to manage both their access to online services and data in a secure way that is compliant with Data Protection principles.”

Although some of the user benefits will not be fully realised until all Government online services adopt the platform, Tibbetts stressed the importance of the launch as a foundational part of eGovernment’s future plans to support a more digital society, which include the establishment of a Register of Identities and the issuance of digitally readable National ID cards, as well as the creation of a centralised eServices Customer Portal and a digital Cayman Islands Government Interoperability solution.

“Every journey starts with a single step and this exciting step of launching the centralised eServices login platform today is key to the Ministry of Investment, Innovation & Social Development’s commitment to deliver modern solutions that make Government services easier to access and more efficient for everyone,” he said.


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